New Orford Town Trust

  Orford Quay


Orford Quay (photo credit: Maria Brenchley)






New Orford Town Trust is a registered charity (No 1053729) which owns and manages a number of village assets on behalf of the inhabitants of the village. Orford and Gedgrave Parish Council as a body is the sole Trustee of the charity.

The Trust deed states that: 'Subject to the payment of the expenses aforesaid [expenses of maintaining property of the Charity, its management and administration] the Trustees shall apply the income of the Charity for such charitable purposes for the general benefit of the inhabitants of the area of benefit as the Trustee thinks fit'.

For accounting, administration, supervision of its assets and general policy the Trust functions independently from the Parish Council. It is responsible to the Charity Commission to whom it makes annual reports.

Members of the Trustee are as follows:

Derick Brenchley 
Mike Finney
Michelle Golder (Vice Chairman)
Margaret Green (for Gedgrave)
Jonnie Howard
Mary Iliff
Anne Macro
Richard Mallett
James Robinson
Peter Smith
Matthew Smy
Ian Thornton (Chairman)

The Clerk, Kara Reed, can be contacted at the Town Hall office:

New Orford Town Trust
Town Hall
Market Hill
IP12 2NZ

01394 459172