Orford Quay

Orford Quay dates from the time when Orford castle was built in the twelfth century by Henry II, and keeping it in repair was a constant preoccupation and great expense to the inhabitants until it was let on a repairing lease in 1743 and sold in 1813 to the Marquis of Hertford. It was passed to the MOD when Orfordness was used by the AWRE and was handed back into the ownership of the New Orford Town Trust relatively recently by the MOD. Although some maintenance had taken place, the quay was in need of significant restoration and improvement. Surveys were carried out and the steel retaining piles which formed the south and west sides of the shell of the quay were found to be severely corroded. Plans were drawn up and approved by SCDC and the Environment Agency for restoring the existing structure to a timber construction similar to that shown in photographs from 1901, and providing improved access for the loading and unloading of fishing boats as well as the other users of the quay.

Work on the restoration and improvement began in February 2008 and the quay was formally reopened in July 2008.

For details on moorings, launching, docking, licences, fishing and cranage contact the Quay Warden. Details of current fees, Rules and Regulations, and an application form for boat storage can be downloaded below.

Harbour Office on the Quay

Telephone: 01394 459950
Mobile: 07528 092635

email: quay@jollyorford.co.uk

River fees 2017

Rules and Regulations 2017

Boatyard storage application form

Photo of River Ore

River Ore (photo credit: Maria Brenchley)