Orford and Gedgrave Parish Council


Orford village sign

Village sign (photo credit: Maria Brenchley)

Parish Councils have statutory duties and responsibilities to government and to the community. Orford and Gedgrave Parish Council has 12 Parish Councillors who also operate independently as the sole Trustee of the New Orford Town Trust.

Derick Brenchley (Vice Chairman)
Mike Finney
Michelle Golder (Chairman)
Margaret Green (for Gedgrave)
Jonnie Howard
Mary Iliff
Anne Macro
Richard Mallett
James Robinson
Peter Smith
Matthew Smy
Ian Thornton

Clerk - Marie Backhouse

Telephone: 01394 459172

email: orfordtownhall@btconnect.com

Orford and Gedgrave Parish Council
The Clerk
Town Hall
Market Hill
Suffolk IP12 2NZ

Parish Council meetings are open to the public who are allowed to put questions to the council before the start of the meeting. Meetings are generally held at 7pm on the second Wednesday of each month (excluding December and August) in the New Room of Orford Town Hall. Forthcoming meeting dates are as follows:

Wednesday 10 January 2018,
Wednesday 14 February 2018,
Wednesday 14 March 2018 and
Wednesday 11 April 2018.


For details of Parish Council duties and responsibilities visit

Photo of Orford Castle and beacon

Orford Castle and the beacon, lit on 21 April 2016 to commemorate Queen Elizabeth II's 90th birthday (photo credit: Maria Brenchley)