Emergency Plan

Orford and Gedgrave Community Emergency Plan

A plan has been produced for use in the event of an emergency arising within the Orford and district area - such emergencies would include flood, storm, loss of village power, extreme weather and village isolation.

In the event of an emergency an Emergency Group will assemble in Orford Town Hall and assess the situation, ensuring that the appropriate emergency services have been alerted and establishing whether life is in danger. The group will arrange for residents at risk to be alerted and if necessary ensure that such persons are directed to the Town Hall where appropriate facilities will be made available.

The group has access to additional volunteer help where comfort facilities are needed or physical assistance required. It should be noted that Orford Town Hall will be used as a refuge and communications centre and if in doubt residents should make their way to the hall for help and further information. Members of the Emergency Group together with their contact details are posted on the village noticeboards.